Where There's Smoke

Mighty Bethlehem South Africa. As the overnight passenger hits first light, I was lucky enough to capture the summer sun between clouds. - John Gaydon

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Book Review

I received your majestic book in this afternoon’s mail, and the photographs contained there in are absolute master pieces of photography. The other thing that took my breath away, was the rapid despatch and delivery. thank you so much,

regards, alan.

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In 2019, there are only a few places on earth where you can witness steam locomotives in regular service. All of them are in the wild outback of China and are very limited in scale. While there are many preserved lines enabling us to get a glimpse of what once was, it is no longer possible to photograph express steam passenger trains, or the mighty Garratts of Southern Africa. They are simply a memory.

Until 1975, GEA hand fired garratts ruled the western cape of South Africa. Seen here climbing Sir Lowry's pass on a frosty morning in April 1975 -

Back in steam days, many people risked life and limb travelling to remote corners of the world in search of the iron horse. Certainly some of my fondest memories are travelling on steam express trains in Australia, South Africa and Germany, over steep mountain passes and alongside the ocean.

Bonds formed in those times have kept our photographers in touch over many years. We have been honoured to have photos published in multiple publications, including landmarks such as ‘Steam in Africa’ and ‘The Great Steam Trek’.

More recently the Australian contingent produced three hugely popular books on steam operations in New South Wales, Australia. The reasons these publications sold so well were related to content, variety of photographs and, more importantly, the high production standards we apply. All our photographs are full colour, and there is an emphasis on photographic excellence in shot selection.

Where there's smoke may be our final hurrah! In this publication (there will be two volumes due to the wide area of coverage) we are presenting the best of the best of our global coverage. Contributors include Charlie Lewis, who visited Europe in the mid-1960's and became internationally known for his South African images, Robert Kingsford-Smith, who now leads rail tours throughout Asia and is well respected amongst the Australian railfan community, Mike Tyack and Pete Skelton from the United Kingdom, and others.

Old Spanish Steam Locos

Charlie Lewis captured these ancient Spanish Iron Horses back in the 1960's.

Part 1 covers operations from Scotland all the way to Cape Town, with chapters encompassing Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East including Turkey, and Northern, Central and Southern Africa. There are plodding old engines from the mid-19th century through to sleek express passenger machines running at high speed in the latter days of steam haulage.

If you have a love of steam, or are simply curious to see some of the amazing scenery and motive power that operated around the world only a generation ago, you will be proud to have this book in your collection.

Because it is being released in 2019, we have been able to access high quality reproduction and printing that brings the photos back to life, with many images defying their age in terms of reproduction. Readers are truly amazed when they see the captions and realise when and where the photos were taken. We have engaged top notch design experts and spared no expense to get it right.

Robert Kingsford Smith captured this monstrous tank engine in Czechoslovakia.

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