It is now February, and we are well into production of the new book. Photos have been selected, captions created, and stories written.

Right now the high quality scanning of photos is underway as well as proof reading to make sure all of our facts are correct. Our team of knowledgeable experts are combing through every detail. It is one of the reasons our books have gained such a great acceptance.

Once this is done, and the Captions, text and photos are finalised (there may be some last minute adjustments to get it perfect), proofs will be distributed to the syndicate members, then it will go to the printers.

All of this takes time and right now, we are estimating late July as a delivery date. Because of that, we have set up an early bird special with free postage until July 31. At $80 it is cheaper than Lenses South.

We are very excited about the project. You can order your copy from the link below.

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