Steam In The United Kingdom

Sleeping giants await their turn to shine at Leeds Holbeck Shed

Where there’s smoke is an ambitious project aimed at covering the world of steam as one by one fires around the world were last for the last time. While our core group of 60 plus gentlemen were able to witness steam in many parts of the world, the UK lost its smoke in 1968 while we were poor schoolboys scrounging pocket money to see the few steam locos left in Australia, and attempting to pass High School Exams at the same time.

We had to turn to some of our older colleagues for coverage in this part of the world. We were fortunate to obtain some great images from John Whitely, Charlie Lewis and Pete Skelton, enough to satisfy steam buffs in the European Union.

A Merchant Navy about to tackle the speedway south

West Country 34019 on its way to Bournemoutb. It could well exceed 100 mph on its journey. The Southern line was a speedway as Charlie Lewis captures one such train departing Waterloo Station.

A feature of Europe was, let’s face it, cold winters resulting in lots of snow and steam. Sadly I arrived in Europe late 1974 long after the final whistle.

While looking for images to show on the web site, to give a sample of what is in the book, I realised with have managed an incredible coverage of many countries all the way from Scotland to the Cape.

Standard 4-6-0 on a Weymouth to Bournemouth Stopper

We will be posting more information about other areas included in the book over the coming weeks so you can see what you are missing out on should you decide not to get a copy!

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