The Old And The New - Western Europe

A West German 3 cylinder 44 class crossing the Moselle River - Charlie Lewis

By the 1960's dieselisation and electrification were gobbling up the steam routes throughout Europe. Quite a few Aussies headed over in the early 1970's, but in the earlier decade, our elder statesman renowned South African Rail expert, Charlie Lewis had the foresight to go north.

Another superb shot by Charlie Lewis as a 150P crosses the Chaumont viaduct in 1967. The french had some very unique locos with highly evolved technology.

By the time we arrived in France in 1974 the only remnants of steam we could find was the odd 141R and we never saw one in steam. I think there were some freight workings, but nothing like the glory days. Austria, on the other hand, offered some spectacular alpine scenery.

The Vordenberg ABT rack railway, with its 4 cylinder rack/rail engines usually banking, provided an amazing sound echoing through the snow covered mountains

In September, 1974, we arrived at the Gasthoff Gruber and waited out several days of horrendous weather with constant snow and very poor light. On the third morning, the rain had gone, the sun was shining and it was absolutely freezing! Perfect conditions for steam photography.

The Fortezza line in the Tyrol in northern Italy was another amazing spot, featuring unique Crosti style exhausts. This Italian invention had been used in quite a few countries including the UK.

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