We Were Young Once

The publishers of Where there's smoke have a long history recording steam train operations around the globe and got steam in their blood at an early age.

Robert Kingsford Smith, Malcolm Holdsworth, John Allerton and Jim Carter in heavy snow in Austria in 1974. Photo taken by John Gaydon. Four of the five are contributors to Where there's smoke!

As we roamed the world we formed friendships with other noted photographers, including A.E. (Dusty) Durant, C. P. (Charlie) Lewis, Mick Tyak and others. Our friendships formed over decades have enabled us to tap into a vast array of photographs, many never before published. The quality of our work encouraged them to share some rare and interesting material that may otherwise have never been widely viewed.

The above photos show some of the cars that met an unfortunate demise due to our Rally Driving efforts in remote parts of the world. There is a photo of me flanked by 2 FRELIMO freedom fighters while in detention in Mozambique, and the Trishaw which was the only way out of a City in China in the early 1980's. The three car wrecks are a Datsun 1200 destroyed near the Kimberly De Aar mainline in South Africa, a Peugot 404 station wagon wrecked after several railfan adventures culminating in the trip through Mozambique, Zambia and Rhodesia, and a Toyota Landcruiser left in the Bolivian Desert near Rio Mulato, a very remote part of the world.

We had so much fun back then and took extraordinary risks. Getting the best photographic vantage point and capturing that stunning image was our only concern. We were detained, arrested, had our cars searched, film confiscated and cameras stolen, but we kept doing it right until the end of the might iron horse.

Iconic Steam Locomotive 3801 taken from a tall tree at Hawkmount on an afternoon local passenger

The images in the book have been selected from libraries of well over 100,000 colour slides between us, and carefully scrutinised to only pick those images that stand out or are of historical importance.

We sincerely trust you will enjoy what we have put together as much as we have done making it.

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