Where There's Smoke Ready For Printing

15F on the Magnificent Tzaneen line Photo John Gaydon

Following the success of our NSW books, a core group of us decided to showcase our world wide adventures photographing steam trains around the world in the last 50 years.

6007 on the Up afternoon Taveta – Voi mixed with Killimanjaro in the background
Robert Kingsford Smith

Combining with Mick Tyak from the UK and Charlie Lewis from South Africa, we went through our own collections and added others which we could not refuse. The result is we required 2 books to cover our world of steam.

Volume 1 is ready to print and covers Europe including France and the UK, with 9 pages of photos to satisfy the English Gricers. In this volume are many countries in Africa, the Middle East featuring Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, and extensive coverage of Western and Eastern Europe.

I must admit, having missed out on many of those parts of the world, it left me envious!

Snow in the UK - John Whitely

As with our other creations, much effort has gone into developing stunning renditions of the images, bringing scenes from up to 50 years ago back to life. You will be more than happy with the material if you have any interest in trains and the variety is amazing.

We are now taking pre-orders which includes free shipping within Australia. We have a distribution point in the UK for purchasers in the Northern Hemisphere.

John Gaydon