60 Class Garratt passes Mount Kilamanjaro, Africa's highest peak.

Africa is known as the dark continent. Even today many countries in this part of the world present difficulties to visit. In the 1970's there were many challenges in photographing steam trains in this part of the world. For instance in Zambia, after some Rhodesian special forces blew up one of their bridges, You couldn't pull a camera out near infrastructure.

20th class heading towards Victoria Falls from Livingston Zambia/

The Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique were in the grip of political and military struggle, with various groups competing for control of the country. Unfortunately, that meant the demise of the famous Buengela Railway in Angola, famous for its wood burning Garratts.

Charlie Lewis took this shot deep into Angola.

Where There's Smoke features many great images from this part of the world including Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Mozambique, Angola, East Africa, the Sudan, Botswana and more. There were some amazing pockets of steam action and all are featured.

Ex Rhodesian 14 class Garratts featured on the line from Beira to the Rhodesian border. This line had great scenery plus a wide variety of articulated motive power
Henschel double Pacific Garratts were used on the International Passenger train west from Beira.

At 160 pages of superb colour photos covering steam trains from Scotland to the southern tip of Africa, Where There's Smoke is a must for anyone who has affection for the iron horse, and its position in world history. In Australia, only $80 delivered if ordered before the end of July.

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