Now that hundreds of copies of Where there's smoke have found loving homes, we have received some great feedback from our readers. I thought I would share some of this with you and remind you that I will be removing the free shipping in Australia from September 1.

141 F banking 141 F near Pamplona, Spain 1974 John Gaydon

"I have just had the pleasure of obtaining a copy of your superb 'Where there’s smoke’ publication. Congratulations to both yourself and Rags for the tremendous amount of work and research that has produced such a high standard book. The printing is of exceptional quality which is worthy of all the images", Pete S UK

"I was going to publish my own book until I saw this. Now I am not so sure". Shane O - Australia

"Hello Mike First impression WOW! Second impression WOW again! Third impression an excellent book, superb photos" - Roger W UK

"Hi, john, I received your majestic book in this afternoon’s mail, and the photographs contained there in are absolute master pieces of photography. the other thing that took my breath away, was the rapid dispatch and delivery. thank you so much", Alan J - Australia

These are just a few of the comments we received. It is gratifying to know that we have provided pleasure to some recent converts to steam, as well as reviving memories of days gone past. You can get copies from this website or from Steam Scenes in the UK.