We said we would quit after our last book, then it sold out in weeks. Despite the popularity of “Superheat” and our other books, we held on for 2 years. Well, this year we decided to produce another book, probably our last, and started looking for photos. We found plenty, some rare and some special. This time we reflect on our years travelling and photographing steam trains on the NSWGR, up until the end of steam. We have returned to the larger format of “Northern Exposures” and retained the hard cover.

The new book is 168 pages of mostly black and white, starting with never before published photos from the 1930’s by Ian Gray’s Uncle Stan. There are some fabulous photos of 57’s  out west, unrebuilt 36 class, and 35’s on the Caves Express. Fancy a 32 class on the Newcastle Flyer? It is all there. Moving forward in time, the works of Jim Powe, Leon Manny and Lindsay Buck, amongst others produced such shots as the Kurrajong line, Camden and much of the western line before electrification. There are 38’s on the South and other gems from the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

With a 34 page colour section consisting of many not previously published images, plus more steam action up to 1973, we are sure this will be a great addition to any collection. Taking advantage of modern printing really highlights the images, which have been cherry picked from vast Black and White collections.


NSW Steam Train


“Smoke is a blend of historical and quality
images of New South Wales steam locomotives in regular service action. The photos flow in a somewhat disjointed chronological order from the early 1930s to 1973. We roam the operating Divisions of the New South Wales Government
Railways (NSWGR) as the mood takes us. We have somewhat reduced the number of photos on a page compared to previous publications to let the best of the photos ‘breathe’. There are segments of black and white and colour photos, with a heavy emphasis on the former. Laurie Anderson’s and Graham Cotterall’s collections again offer an Aladdin’s Cave of opportunities”.

Overview & Preview

CADECO has done it again. After months of sorting through collections, writing captions, and making sure the images are at their best in print. “Smoke”is our next NSWGR book.

For me it is a chance to see never before published shots of steam in the 1930’s, as well as some of my own photos and those of my mates, as we spent our weekends travelling on a shoestring budget to see and photograph what was left of steam. We were fortunate as until 1968 there was still great variety. I admit I was a little skeptical about using Black and White – until I saw the photos, With many taken using large format cameras, they are stunning. I have included a couple of pages here so you can get an idea of what will bring back memories and generate discussions of what was the NSWGR in its heyday. 

Sample Pages

Comments from readers of our other NSW publications

Hi John……just a quick cheerio on your fabulous book…..I received it the other day, very happy with all your work and the photographers stellar work too….best 85 bucks I have spent in a long time!!!!

Jeff Randall

Hello John,

I just wanted to let you know my copy of Superheat arrived in the North-west today. It lives up to your description and makes a wonderful addition to my library. The reproduction of the prints is in keeping with your other great NSW books.

Pete Walsham

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