Here are a few images from Superheat.


To view the captions you will have to get the book. 

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137 bottom publicity

Port Botany, Sydney

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Emu Sand and Gavel, Emu Plains


Toronto passenger heading towards Tichole tunnel

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3813 blows off as the Garratt does the heavy lifting Fassifern

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Until 1968 35 class hauled local passengers up Hawkmount

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A rare combination - Double 38's at Hawkmount

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Garratts crossing garratts. Massive tractive effort. Wyee

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That's me leaning out of the cab! Riding 12 mail. My return ride that day was 3801 which I fired all stations from Gosford to Newcastle.

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Many would think this is impossible. Warnervale.

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A classic Baldwin leads this double header through Murrays Flats

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There were 2 morning passengers on the south, providing eager photographers opportunities for morning glints.

48 top DF _p_v2_LRcr
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46 top GC 5167 Mandurama_p_v3_LR
58 top CG_p_v1_LRcr
60 top CG_p_v3_LRcr
61 top GC_p_v1_LRcr
61 bottom CG_p_v1_LRcr
64 top CG_p_v2_LRcr
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3824 on up Southern HIghlands Express

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