Lenses South Sold Out

If you are looking for a copy of Lenses South, you had better be quick. As wholesalers, we dispatched the last copies to retailers in September, 2016. While there are a few around still, they won't last long. Click here for a list of retail outlets.

We were so happy with the response to this and Northern Exposures, that it inspired us to continue on with the West book. The fact is that the West lost most of its steam by 1967, even earlier that the southern line to Goulburn, and at that time there were many places you could travel to to photograph steam in action.

Due to this fact, we searched far and wide for exceptional colour photos in the region and were not disappointed. You will be happy with the result.

So, if you want a copy of Lenses South, be quick and call one of our retailers. If you are looking for Shooting The West, you can order advanced copies on the link below.