Price Includes Shipping and Protective Cover. Total value is $85. Enter code “covid” at checkout. More NSW magic. We have been fortunate enough to gather some great photographers for what will most likely be our final foray into steam train books. Superheat is hard cover and features the work of photographers such as Laurie Anderson, Tim Arnot, Graham Cotterall, Laurier Williams, Col Gilbertson, Dennis Forbes and Robert Kingsford-Smith, plus a few others. These guys knew how to photograph the iron horse way back, and between them present a spectacular of steam as it rapidly vanished from the NSW scene. If you are modelling NSWGR, or want to recall the good old days. this book will satisfy your curiosity. 144 pages full colour. Expected delivery November 2021.

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The new book from CADECO, covers steam operations from the mid 1960’s to the end of steam in NSW. For our photographers, these were the years they completed school compromising academic performance to get the shots! Many of our readers will have fond memories of those times, and this is once again an opportunity celebrate our youth remembering such scenes as camping on Hawkmount and Raglan bank, or freezing at Goulburn station getting ready for the departure of the Southern Highlands Express. Unfortunately the books have sold faster than we thought. If we are out of stock, you can purchase a copy from several train book specialists.


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