Where There’s Smoke Vol 1 & 2


Fabulous steam train photos from around the globe. Coverage of ASIA, Europe, Africa, South America and Australasia. Be amazed at where our photographers managed to get to and come back alive! Many of these places were off limits to tourists, and there was suspicion at the photographic gear operating lineside. These book make great discussion starters, and are something you can show off to your friends.



By purchasing both volumes of the series, you get a discount plus coverage of the entire planet. We touch virtually every part of the world where seam trains operated from the deserts of the Sudan, to the wilds of Patagonia in Southern Argentina. Marvel at the Devil’s Nose in Ecuador, the amazing Himalayan mountain backdrops in Pakistan and Darjeeling, South Africa in its Heyday, and rare photos in Western and Eastern Europe. A must for all steam enthusiasts.


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