Over the last few months, we have been busy putting together our new book, “Smoke”. At 168 pages, hundreds of photos have been scanned with the best of the best selected for inclusion.

In the process, we tapped into a couple of collections including photos from the 1930’s and 1950’s. These were taken by relatives or friends of our mates who are no longer with us, but most have never been published.

Starting out with such scnes as 57s and 58s on the Blue Mountains without wires, Steam west of Parramatta before electrification, with open paddocks instead of houses, and 32 class on the Northern Commercial Limited, which became the Newcastle Flyer when 36 class took over.

Moving forward, a few of our mates purchased high end large format cameras, resulting in ultra quality Black and White images that surpass what is possible with 35 mm colour slides. In the early 1960s, with cars that would nowadays be condemned, they bravely ventured out all over NSW to get the shots!

The book is most likely to arrive at the end of May, and pre-orders are being taken now. A worthy addition to your collection of “Northern Exposures”, “Lenses South”, “Shooting the West” and “Superheat”, all of which sold out quickly.

Some of us have included stories of our adventures back in those days. It was a far cry from today, with clear roads, no fences on the railway line, and the ability to chase trains at high speed.

For this rail fan, one of the best aspects is to reconnect with the other contributors, all of whom I ahve known for over 50 years. The book gives us an opportunity to share our craft, as otherwise most of the shots would end up buried in archives, or the local tip.

We hope you enjoy “Smoke” and that it gives you pleasure in these uncertain times.

You can see more details of the book by clicking on “Smoke” in the main menu. Order here for the early bird special.


John Gaydon