We asked our readers what they thought of Superheat. This was our A4 smaller sized book and only 144 pages. We believe Smoke is a superior product, with 168 pages in coffeee table format, similar to our earlier books “Northern Exposures”, “Lenses South” and “Shooting The West”. Please take some time to read these customer reviews.

Hi John……just a quick cheerio on your fabulous book…..I received it the other day, very happy with all your work and the photographers stellar work too….best 85 bucks I have spent in a long time!!!!

Jeff Randall

Hello John, I just wanted to let you know my copy of Superheat arrived in the North-west today. It lives up to your description and makes a wonderful addition to my library. The reproduction of the prints is in keeping with your other great NSW books.

Pete Walsham

Thank you for the Superheat book delivery. We have put them on our online store and are selling great!. Can we please order another box when you have a moment?

Emma Williams, Customer Service Manager TRANSPORT HERITAGE NSW

Received my copy of Superheat yesterday. Excellent publication reviving a lot of very fond memories of NSW steam action and an era now long gone. The captions were very informative as well not just ‘so & so’ loco at ‘where-ever’. But a through explanation of locos involved, any special circumstances worth mentioning but also in a form of expression making it very interesting reading. Superheat will join my other books in the series Lenses South, Shooting the West and Northern Exposure as pride of place on my bookshelf. What a fantastic era it was and how sad it was to witness the decline of steam but you guys have done your best incredibly 50-60 years later to present many fantastic images of that era and provide us all with a valuable record of how things were in the last decade of steam.


Well done to all involved in this brilliant publication. Hopefully you will reconsider your decision to make it the last of the series but I understand it will be a massive undertaking for our ageing capabilities.

Mark Turner

“Bob (that’s Bob Gibson, AKA Gibbo) supplied me with a copy of Superheat.  Congratulations to you and your c-authors for another outstanding and much appreciated publication. An excellent addition to the previous trilogy of books.  Best wishes…”

Stephen Halgren

Hi John, Yes, I received my copy yesterday,great book. I grew up in nsw,  Sydney. My Dad was a boilermaker at Everleigh in the 1960,and seeing the workshops and engines at the time, on my way to work on the electrics, was a great reminder  of that time. 

David Suter

hi john,  I did receive superheat, and what fantastic shots. i’m sorry i wasn’t around to get the north and south but the west and superheat are real treasures. thanks for putting them together.

Wim Hoekstra

Dear John, Yes thanks,  my copy arrived yesterday and I spent all afternoon perusing it. A beautiful production which again, you can be very proud of.

Doug Parbery

Hi John: Thanks, yes, received several days ago. Great book with superb images and very much compliments the earlier books on NSW steam in that great period. I’ve always kicked myself for being too slow in getting around to ordering a copy of “Northern Exposure” and thus missed out. Might have to wait for a deceased estate or similar! I lived at Manilla as a child and the photo on p 127 of 3001 leaving the Namoi R bridge is particularly memorable – I would have seen similar regularly, but of course at the time never took the opportunity of photography. I’d also like to compliment the group of photographers for their knowledge and wisdom in providing accurate descriptions in image captions and in other text, both in the present book and its predecessors, and in the “where there’s smoke” duet of the world scene – great to see geographical accuracy and maps.

 I would have temporal overlap with the photographers and took photos myself in that great period 1966-74, but unfortunately was never as committed and other facets of life and career intervened. So, the photos in the present book and earlier publications are excellent for maintaining the link to that great time.

Paul Ashley

John Just letting you know that my copy of Superheat arrived last Tuesday. I then had to leave home for a couple of days, only returning yesterday. I’ve finally had a chance to have a closer look and I must say that an all colour NSW Steam book is very impressive, to say the least. I have worked on the NSW Railways all my life, and while I never worked on steam, now that I am reaching the end of my career it is great that I can look back on so much of the other infrastructure that I once took for granted. It is now, sadly, all gone and only exists in such publications as this one. And now in vivid colour. Kudos for releasing Superheat. As a friend of mine said recently – “We all were fortunate enough to have worked for a steam powered railway that had dieselised.” The only change was the change in motive power. Everything else was as it had been for decades. Now that too has gone. Thanks again for allowing me to step back into the past to a far happier time.

Bob Proctor

Hi John, I received my copy of Superheat this week. I have been enjoying the photos, the book is a credit to you and the photographers that contributed to it.

Ken Date

Hello John, The book arrived on Thursday and what a magic one it is. 

The late railwayman Jack Sparkes once told me “there is one thing in life Bruce that no one can ever take away from you and that’s memories”.

Superheat has certainly proved Jack right again as the book has brought so many memories flooding back to me.

 Thank you for producing such a fine work.

Bruce West

Dear John, My copy arrived early this week and I have enjoyed browsing it immensely. I have not been disappointed and it has met or exceeded the standards of previous publications.  I must say that the various books purchased over the years from you have been a trip down memory lane.  Imagine the surprise I had when I saw myself pictured on page 17 of Northern Exposures – a memorable night with a cab ride from Gosford to Broadmeadow on 5910.

Andrew Somervaille

Hi John,  I received my copy of Superheat yesterday, courtesy of my friend Peter Reid. I congratulate you and the team for a very fine book.  As you may be aware, i have enjoyed all those scenes over the years and that book revives my memory of all those events.

 I echo the comments from Peter Reid and Mark Turner – excellent captions, but not to long.    I have been criticised a number of times by certain people of producing captions of, to quote, ‘biblical proportions’.  Again, congrats. John – well done.

Ray Love

Hello John, The copy has turned up in good condition and didn’t disappoint …thanks you all for your efforts.  I don’t doubt it will sell out this print run.  Its a beautiful edition to ant train lovers library.

Sharn Hunkin

Hi John, Yes, received it a couple of days ago. Memories, memories, memories!

Billy Lewis

Hi John, finally got some time to sit down with hot cup of tea, some fruit cake and now looking at Superheat. Great book that will live with the rest of my NSWGR collection. Love the fine photographs especially the ones with the 44 classes. One that caught my eye was the 50 class shunting South Brisbane.  I grew up in Brisbane and caught N2 and N4 to Sydney many,many times. I can remember very clearly around the late 1960’s, the 50 class shunting the cars for the express services in the afternoon prior to there departures. Also a 50 class shunting a long rake of car wagons ready to head south after the Limited had left. Any way great job

Anthony McLaughlin

The book arrived this morning Mike. A record two days for the Post Office from Gloucestershire to Burnley. Its brilliant and nicely printed too. I have never visited Australia but al least I can see what I have missed.

Graham Roose UK

Hi John, Absolutely magnificent book it is too, very glad I grabbed copy when I did. I lost a good couple hours absorbed in it the first night it came, and I’m not finished yet!

Rod Visman

Hi John, My copy has arrived and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories and admiring the wonderful photos. I have to say that the photo of 3063 on the Eugowra line is amazing. What an incredible photo. Western light at its best indeed. We are so lucky to have had so many steam fans to capture and share these images of an era now sadly consigned to history.

Congratulations to you and to all who were involved in bringing this latest publication to life.

Dean Quick

“Superheat” is brilliant!  I too hope you and your colleagues will reconsider and just keep ’em coming!

Simon Perrin

Great book Arnold. A worthy swan song; nicely balancing historical interest and shot quality. I hope the many photographers whose work you have published over the years are suitably grateful.

Ian Gray

Gday John Great work on this one, captions to the photos were really well done and enhanced it further and to go without saying the images are spectacular.

Great work and look forward to the next one.

Dan Dooley

You asked for a review of Superheat. 2 words– Bloody brilliant. Thank you for reviving some very good memories ,especially on the South West. It was very hard to keep the review short, but I think I have summed it up. Thank you for your efforts.

Ron Lawson